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With you get the latest and most specific international B2B database you can find.

Our software enables you to easily search for companies in every industry. Access business information of over 50 million B2B and B2C companies in 100 countries, divided into approximately 4000 unique company activities via our internationally based classification structure.

The update process is dynamic en automatic, therefore you are always assured of current data. With this large amount of data you can create a database of specifications your company needs. 

Due to it is possible to quickly identify your target group and you can download a target group list. In other words: your specific target group is rapidly available. 

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We use Big Data to get extremely specific data. is linked to website content. The result is an extremely high relevant target group.

And much more...

Our data contains detailled information, like:

Why is unique?

  • Functions
  • E-mailaddresses
  • Websites
  • Import & Export details
  • Specific company activities

This way you can use Get The Lead for specified sales and marketing campaigns, but also for your own data enhancement and business research.

  • Founding year

Question: I'm looking for autodealers in a specific region.

Step 1. Define a wholesale trade in motor vehicles in the region.

Step 2. Define to dealers in passenger cars.

Step 3. Add specific keywords. For example; Brand Audi, type A3. If you want to know which dealer sells an Audi A3.

Result? Relevant and structured data, generated from Big Data. Click on the green button below to download an 

example list

  • VAT number
  • Employee size

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The most comprehensive lead generation tool ever created

The detailed classification standard of the RealTime Lead Group is based on the internationally accepted NACE table. If this table is not specific enough, RealTime Lead Group has added 4000 specified company activities. We also add over 100.000 products. This allows you to create a very detailed but internationally used classification structure.

Utilizing RTL-G Classifications

*Try our new tool for free uses 60 specific search criteria; think of company activities, employe class, import/export indicators, social media use. Because of these specifications you can create a more specific target group. 

Over 60 Search Criteria

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Global database

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Your search leads to a result list. All search results can by previewed. You can customize the list results to match your needs. If the results complies your wishes, you can download the list. 

Detailed Results List

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Search results ready? The company profile confirms what you have been looking for. The profile shows:  

  • And much more
  • General information

Company profiles

  • Activities
  • Products

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